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Remember, if you have a successful bid and are offered a property, your application will be suspended until the outcome of the offer is known and you will not be able to place a bid in the following cycles.

If you have been advised that your bid is second or third on the shortlist, you can still view the property and be able to bid in the next weekly cycle. However, if the applicant with the successful bid refuses the property and you are offered it, your application will then be suspended as stated above.

We try to call customers with successful bids as soon as possible after the bidding closes to arrange viewing times.

We are trying to speed up the process of reletting empty homes so please be prepared for things to happen very quickly. We will invite you to view the property as early as the Wednesday so ensure that you will be available to view especially if you are amongst the top 3 bidders at the close of the cycle. If you are the 2nd or 3rd placed bidder, you will not be able to choose your appointment as that will have already been set for the 1st placed bidder. 

Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult to speak to customers because the telephone numbers on their applications are no longer available so please keep your contact details up to date. You can do this by telling your area housing office or phoning the housing options advice line on 020 7525 4140.

Also, don't forget to check your telephone regularly for messages and to keep your mobile switched on immediately after the bidding period closes.

We may send you a text message confirming the appointment. Please do not reply to this as this is a non-reply service. We may also email the offer letter to you if you have provided your email address.

If your bid has been successful, you will be sent an offer letter, inviting you to the view property. It is very important that you bring with you the documents listed below, to the area office.

  1. Please bring your offer letter with you to the viewing . In addition, your first weeks' rent will be due at your sign-up. If you are already claiming Housing Benefit or think that you may qualify because you are on benefits or a low income, you must bring proof of income and/or savings with you. We will assist you to complete a Housing Benefit application form. Click here for a complete list of documents you will need to bring.
  2. You must also bring proof of identity for all members of your household, either a birth certificate or a passport. The main applicant (or applicants if you sign up for a joint tenancy), must bring two proofs of residence each, for example:
  • rent book/card

  • pension book

  • driving licence

  • recent bank statement

  • tenancy agreement

For any children living with you, you must bring one of the following, for example: 

  • Child Benefit book

  • Custody or Residence Order

  • Each child's birth certificate

The complete list of these documents can be found on your offer letter.

Please note that other bidders may also be invited to view at the same time, in case you do not accept your offer. Ensure you leave plenty of travelling time to get the property and plan your route beforehand. The viewing officer will not wait longer than 15 minutes for you to arrive so if you are late the property may be offered to the next bidder and this will be treated as an unreasonable refusal.

The property is likely to be undergoing works at the time of viewing. The viewing officer will explain what works are being carried out and give an estimated time for completion.