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Ground floor and garden properties

Anyone can bid for ground floor or garden properties providing they are in the bands advertised as being eligible.  However when this type of property is advertised, adverts may indicate that some priority will be given to those who have been medically assessed as needing this type of accommodation by the councils Medical Assessment Service. 

This will be applied where such an applicant is amongst

  • The first three highest bidders, who are within the same band as the highest applicant on the shortlist, or in the next band below

So if you see the MP symbol next to an advert, this means that bidders with  a medical recommendation for a ground floor or garden property will be offered the property providing they are one of the top three bidders.  If you do not have this medical recommendation you can still place a bid – but remember priority will be given to to those who medically need this type of housing.  If none of the top three bidders have a medical recommendation for this type of home, then the property will be offered to the highest bidder in the normal way.