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Mutual Exchange

Interested in a mutual exchange?

Our mutual exchange site requires a system update to in order to support requests for mutual exchange in the borough. Current live applications cannot not be processed. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.  Secure tenants can still apply to for mutual exchanges and also make enquiries via “.


House Exchange

Mutual exchanges can be a quick and easy way to move, either within Southwark or to another area.

If you would like to swap your Southwark council home with another tenant in Southwark please register on our home page. For any other area, please register for the national House Exchange scheme. House exchange is a website that has been designed to bring people together who are looking to swap their homes.

More and more tenants are joining House Exchange every week. An exchange can lead to a quicker move than bidding and gives tenants options to see more properties in their preferred area.

To advertise your property through House Exchange

It’s easy and FREE!

Simply visit and complete your details online. Once you have registered, and your details have been approved, your property will appear in the database and you will be able to;

  • search for a specific area
  • search for those who may want your property
  • search for a three-way swap

Don't proceed without remembering these issues


  • Tenants who downsize to a smaller property (one with fewer bedrooms) will qualify for the same incentives as tenants downsizing through the Smart Move scheme (currently £1000 per bedroom)
  • If you find a suitable exchange partner, you must inform your local area housing office as your exchange will need to be approved
  • Tenants must have a clear rent account (i.e. no arrears). In exceptional circumstances, we will approve an exchange where a tenant has arrears but there must be an agreement in place to clear the arrears and the exchange must be approved by the Area Housing Manager 
  • If your home would be far too big for the new tenant or far too small then we will not allow the exchange
  • You will be expected to accept the property you wish to move into in its current condition

Other things you can try

How do I qualify?

If you want to swap your home, permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Some conditions must usually be satisfied before permission will be granted and some of these are as follows:

  • We do not approve exchanges where one tenant will have an extra bedroom or the household will be overcrowded (e.g. lacking a bedroom)

  • Your home must be of a fit standard to live in, with any damage repaired

Tips on how to improve your advert

A good advert with lots of information will increase your chances of a move. You can read our tips on how to improve your advert here.

I've found my swap-partner, what happens now?

Once you have found your swap partner, you need to both agree to go ahead with the move. You should therefore arrange a mutually convenient time to view each other's properties. Once this has been done, you will both need to seek permission in writing from your landlord before you can proceed. This should not take longer than around six weeks. If you skip this step, you could both be liable for eviction. Once permission has been granted from both landlords, it is time to move!

Other things to try or if you are not a Southwark Council tenant

All council and housing association tenants can swap their homes with another tenant anywhere in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland. If you are a housing association tenant or you are registered on House Exchange but wish to increase your chances to find an exchange, you can also try the following;

Some sites are free and others may charge a small fee to join. However, the more places you advertise, the more chances you will have!

If you are a Southwark council tenant and would like any further information on House Exchange please contact your council Resident Services Officer . Housing Association tenants should contact their landlord.