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East Dulwich Estate Local Lettings

Southdown House and Gatebeck House – New Homes


These are the new homes which will be available.


Half will be available to local residents living on the East Dulwich Estate through the

Southdown House and Gatebeck House Local Lettings Scheme (see below), with the remaining 50% then being made available to applicants on Homesearch.


No of Properties

Property size

Floor level

Estimated Rent


Two bed three person



+ service charge


Two bed four person wheelchair adapted



+ service charge


Three bed five person flat maisonette



+ service charge


Three bed five person maisonette



+ service charge



Terms and Conditions: Southdown House and Gatebeck House Local Lettings Scheme


To qualify for the Local Lettings Scheme you must:


  • Be a council tenant living on East Dulwich Estate and in housing need (see below).   
  • Need a home of the right size on offer (we are unable to allow downsizers to keep an additional bedroom).
  • Not owe the Council more than four weeks rent (or £50 if claiming Housing Benefit) at the point of application and of offer.
  • Be registered in bands 1-3 of the Council’s Housing List.


‘Housing Need’ means


  • A medical need to move - determined by our medical team.
  • Overcrowding caused by authorised members of your household.
  • Under-occupation and having a spare bedroom.
  • Other priority needs within the Council’s allocation scheme.


Other criteria


  • The Council’s priority star system will also apply.
  • Relatives of tenants or private tenants of leaseholders will not be considered.
  • Households will be prioritised in existing priority bands.
  • The order will be determined by tenancy start date (East Dulwich Estate) not the date of initial registration.
  • If you are registered already, there’s no need to re-register unless your circumstances have changed.


Applying for the homes


  • Properties will be advertised via Homesearch at
  • The new homes will be advertised as Southdown House and Gatebeck House Local Lettings scheme.
  • The home page of the Homesearch website will include the rent levels and property types together with further information on the scheme.
  • Your final queue position will be decided anything up to ten days after bidding closes.
  • Households with the highest band and longest residence on the East Dulwich Estate will have first refusal on the properties.
  • The Council’s refusal policy will apply for homes on these schemes.


Local lettings area


  • Bramham House

  • Eridge House

  • Felbridge House

  • Fernie House

  • Gatcombe House

  • Gedling House

  • Goldwell House

  • Inwood House

  • Ivybridge House

  • Ledbury House

  • Melbreak House

  • Petworth House

  • Ringmer House

  • Riseholme House

  • Stagshaw House

  • Tidworth House

  • Walcot House

  • Whaddon House

  • Wheatland House

  • Whitney House

  • Wilton House