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The Communities service team, Residential Services team and the Housing Solutions service have been working in partnership with the Sceaux Gardens, tenants and residents to design a Local Lettings scheme for the initial allocation of Lakanal House.


These meetings have been conducted over the past 12 months and an agreement has been reached with the residents, tenants, and local elected members of the council for the geographical area for the Local Lettings area. The local lettings area covers the following areas:


  • Sceaux Gardens

  • Southampton Way

  • Owgan Close

  • Stacey Path

  • Rhy House

  • Rumble House



Former tenants of Lakanal House have an immediate right to return to Lakanal House, and all vacant properties at Lakanal House, will be initially offered to these tenants of the council.


50% of the remaining available properties following the re-housing of former Lakanal House residents will then be made available to Southwark Council tenants in the Local Lettings area.




Unfortunately, there is limited housing demand for 2 bedroom accommodation on the Sceaux Gardens estate, from the existing Southwark Council tenants, hence the proposed wider geographical area for this local lettings scheme.


All lettings at Lakanal House will comply fully with Southwark Council’s Housing Allocations scheme.


The Sceaux Gardens, residents and tenants request that no household will be offered accommodation at Lakanal House if they have a dog. Please note, as with all our new build or fully refurbished properties there is NO UNDEROCCUPATION.


Please see below the listings for property numbers and floor levels:-

1st floor 1-8  9-14

3rd floor 15-22  23-28

5thfloor 29-36  37-42

7th floor 43-50  51-56

9th floor 57-64  65-70

11th floor 71-78  79-84

13th Floor 85-92  93-98